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DONA coffee has lots to celebrate on October 1st, International Coffee Day.

Coffee has witnessed some exciting trends in recent years, reflecting the evolving preferences and values of coffee lovers worldwide.

Which ones do you relate to? Since you are reading this, you are certainly a DONA fan and more sensitive to the ones that can make an impact in the world.

  1. Origin Story: Are you captivated by the origin of your coffee beans, always seeking out for unique high-quality single-origin and micro-lots?
  2. Ethical Sips: Do you choose your coffee based on its impact, supporting sustainability and equity?
  3. Brewing as an Art: Are you the coffee artist in your home, experimenting with different brewing methods to craft the perfect cup?
  4. Cold Brew Chill: Are Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee your favorite choices even if it is freezing outside?
  5. Coffee in Cocktails: Do you enjoy coffee-infused cocktails or espresso martinis for a caffeine-infused twist?
  6. Inclusive Milk Alternatives: Are you a fan of almond lattes, oat cappuccinos, or soy macchiatos?
  7. Coffee Tastings: Have you embraced the world of coffee tastings, discovering a variety of flavors and profiles in each cup?
  8. Coffee Tourism: Are you a coffee globetrotter, visiting coffee-producing regions to immerse yourself in the coffee culture?
  9. Koji Fermented Coffee: Are you a fan of the cutting-edge trend of koji fermented coffee, known for its unique and complex flavors?
  10. Coffee Subscriptions: Have you joined the coffee subscription movement, eagerly awaiting curated coffee deliveries to your doorstep?

Let’s raise our cups to International Coffee Day and the tastier, more equal coffee world we’re brewing together!

Elisa Dot Bach

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