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Are you a DONA Fan?

DONA Fans are active contributors to the DONA vision of making the world a better place one sip at a time. They are engaged in the journey of celebrating the exceptional work of women coffee farmers.

I feel very lucky to work with courageous women coffee farmers who are using the coffee culture to change the world.


DONA coffee founder

I’m a DONA Fan, because DONA coffee makes the world a better place by supporting and making visible women coffee growers all over the world.


Artist, illustrator, graphic designer and more

Building women’s hope is building the hope of the nation


Founder of Rebuild Women’s Hope

My purpose is to connect people. Social justice and gender equality are close to my heart. With Somaho I build the bridge between coffee producers and roasters.


Founder of Somaho

Here is the heart of our know-how: To train, educate, excite, transmit and introduce everyone to the wonderful world of coffee.


Coffee expert, SCAE Authorized trainer & certifier

The best tasting coffee is made on a camping stove and drunk in fresh air as the sun rises.


Account Director, Epoch

The following organizations have already made the choice to enjoy DONA coffee and support women coffee farmers around the globe.

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