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Elisa Dot Bach founder of DONA coffee with green coffee bags close up

Coffee has been a central element in my life.

My first memory of coffee as a child was the freshly ground coffee bought from a local restaurant, which my mum turned into a beautiful espresso with a hand lever machine. That fantastic coffee aroma has never left me.

Coffee has taken me around the world. I had the chance to travel for my job in the coffee business, working for a big company where I discovered that coffee is not just a product, it is engrained in people’s habits, and it plays a central part in one’s personal and social life.

In March 2022, I founded DONA, a coffee brand that sources specialty coffee from women-owned coffee farms around the globe.

My motivation behind the creation of DONA is to use my passion, coffee, as a tool for change. Coffee business is so big, more than 2 bio cups are consumed every day so that makes it a very powerful lever for change.

My dream and my goal is to build a brand that connects consumers with women coffee producers around the world. By doing this, we give them visibility, we celebrate their exceptional efforts, achievements, courage, and most of all, we will support them by supporting their business, giving them a fair price so they can have fair profits and through all of that, we will support their communities.

I have virtually met many of the women who grow DONA’s coffee, and I am fascinated by their determination to create a better future for their families and for their communities. I have become really close with some of them and this is a very rewarding experience for me. I am determined to make DONA business a success that has a real impact on them.

I invite you to join us in the mission to make the world a better place one sip at a time!

Elisa Dot Bach

Read the full interview (in German) that appeared in the Swiss Crema Magazine in June 2022.
The Swiss Crema Magazine is a high-circulation coffee table magazine. Once a year it offers a variety of reports, tests, and product presentations of the highest editorial quality featuring the key players in the Swiss coffee environment.