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Shipping to Switzerland only. FREE shipping for orders over 35 CHF

Tasting Pack

Whole Beans only

Allows you to taste 4 DONA coffees side by side RD Congo, Rwanda, Colombia & House Blend

Pack composed of 4 bags of 110g (440g)
Available only in Whole Beans

All DONA coffees are
100% Arabica
Specialty coffee
Freshly roasted in Geneva

19.90 CHF

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Candelaria’s Coffee Project

Through Candelaria’s Coffee Entrepreneurs Project, these 45 women producers have been able to make themselves visible and participate in the challenging coffee business of their region.

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Marceline Budza

From a family of coffee growers, Marceline grew up in Bukaru where she had the chance to graduate as Agronomist. In 2015, she founded Rebuild Women’s Hope, an association that empowers women coffee farmers in the island of Idjwi.

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Furaha Umwizeye

Furaha, of Rwandan and Swiss nationality, is the leader of Kivubelt Coffee. She founded the company after she finished her Master’s Degree in Economics and was motivated to return to Rwanda to contribute in a positive way to the society and the country economy.

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Andreia Ribeiro Silva

"Our family has been in the coffee-growing industry for generations. Our priority is to produce quality coffee while always taking care of the environment and the well-being of our employees" Andreia

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Kokowagayo Cooperative

“In a traditional FairTrade cooperative, the men vote for how the social premiums are to be invested. Oftentimes, the women’s priorities are different, and our voices are not heard. This was the motivation to form the first all-woman cooperative in Sumatra” Ernani

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