Shipping in Switzerland only. FREE shipping for ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS and for coffee orders over 45 CHF.


Set up a DONA coffee subscription

Don’t miss any morning without your favourite DONA coffee.
Set up a monthly subscription in 3 easy steps and benefit from a 10% discount and always free shipping in Switzerland.
You can cancel any time.


Select the DONA coffees you want to receive each month (free shipping)


Where you can manage your subscription and shipments


Get notified before each delivery, so you can confirm or cancel the subscription anytime

Do you have questions? Find some answers below. If you still have a question, write to

When will I receive my subscription coffee?
You will receive your DONA coffee subscription each month.

How do I manage or cancel my subscription?
Your subscription will renew automatically every month. You will receive a reminder 3 days prior the renewal. If you’d like to cancel, log in to your Account, go to the Subscriptions section and cancel accordingly.

Can I skip or pause my subscription?
You may pause or cancel your subscriptions on the Subscriptions section of your Account. You may reactivate the subscription when you want on the same page.

When will I be charged for my coffee?
You will be charged for your subscription every month, as if you were placing an order.

Is there a minimum order for a subscription?
For Whole Beans, no minimum order. You can order as little as one bag of 225g.
For Capsules, the minimum monthly order is 3 bags of 16 capsules.
Shipment is on us!

On a given month, can I receive the coffee to a different address?
You can update the shipment address anytime on the Addresses section of your Account. The coffee will be shipped to the address on file on the date of payment, which is 3 days after you receive the reminder email.

Where do I update my payment information or method?
You can update your payment information and method on the Payment section of your Account.

Can I set up a recurring payment with Twint or only by Credit Card?
To set up a Subscription, you can only set up a recurring payment with your Credit Card.

With the subscription, can I benefit from other price promotions?
Since the subscription comes with a permanent 10% discount, it will not be possible to add any other promotions on top.

How can I receive 2 or more varieties of DONA coffee every month?
In order to receive 2 or more varieties of DONA coffee, you will need to set up a subscription for each variety. Each subscription is managed independently on the Subscriptions section of your Account.
You can also set up a subscription for a Tasting Pack or a Tasting Pack Single Origin.