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Furaha Umwizeye

Furaha, of Rwandan and Swiss nationality, is the leader of Kivubelt Coffee. She founded the company after she finished her Master’s Degree in Economics and was motivated to return to Rwanda to contribute in a positive way to the society and the country economy.

“Nyaruzina is one of our farms directly on the shores of lake Kivu. It is situated on a scenic peninsula on the lake and only accessible by boat.
This is a unique coffee in Rwanda because all the cherries are produced on one farm where we can control the growing conditions; inputs, pruning, mulching etc.
In this case there is also far more scope for selective picking and sorting to only process the best cherries.” – Furaha

Estate: Nyaruzina
Area: 16 ha with 26811 trees
Altitude: 1,525 mASL
Location: Gihombo sector, Gitwa cell
SCA score: 84
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed

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