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Changing the world
one sip at a time

DONA’s goal is to celebrate and support women coffee farmers by offering only the best specialty coffees grown by these courageous women.

“Coffee isn’t just any product:
It is ingrained in people’s habits,
which means it is emotionally charged”

DONA coffees come from women-owned coffee farms
Did you know that 70% of the work done in the coffee farms is carried out by women but only a small percentage of coffee farms are owned by women? All DONA coffees come from women-owned coffee farms.
We celebrate their exceptional efforts and by paying them a fair price we support not only their business but also their communities.
We only pick the best arabica beans
Even before the first sip of DONA coffee, you will enjoy the fine and delicate aroma of the arabica beans. Only arabica, yes ! But we do not stop here: all our coffees are graded as specialty coffee which means the highest quality designation by the Specialty Coffee Association. So drinking DONA coffee in the morning is the BEST of the BEST way to start your day.
We roast locally
Locally roasted coffee means you can get the freshest coffee possible and that every cup of DONA is full of the flavor and the richness you expect. DONA is a small-batch coffee roasted in Geneva where our Master Roaster customizes the roasting to bring out the natural flavors of each individual coffee based on its unique profile.