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Shaded-grown coffee

January 18th 2024.  Deforestation-Free coffee

Specialty coffee has been leading the way in adopting sustainable practices, such as encouraging the cultivation of shade-grown coffee to promote biodiversity and help preserve forests.


But most of the coffee sold, known as “commercial grade” coffee, is produced in monoculture farms with few or no shade trees, and lacks sustainable farming practices, causing environmental damage and deforestation.


You, as a DONA coffee lover, don’t need to worry because our coffees are of specialty grade and traceable from the start. This is one of many benefits of having direct relationship with producers.


To fight against deforestation, the European Union has passed a new regulation and, as of January 2025, products linked to deforestation will not be admitted to the EU countries. This law will require farms to prove the exact origin of their coffee with geo-localization which may cause some coffee price increase, but all these efforts to improve the world.


As coffee lovers, we have a responsibility to support a sustainable future for the coffee industry and ultimately, we can drive positive change and protect our planet.


Ita sit. 👊🌈 🌱☕️

Elisa Dot Bach – DONA coffee founder


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