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Vanía Nzeyimana founder of Somaho

The Rhine Port in beautiful Basel is where all the coffee for Switzerland arrives, including our DONA coffee Rwanda, grown by Furaha Umwizeye. I’ve just spent a couple of days in this charming city, where local cafés are an integral part of its personality. ☕🌍

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Vanía Nzeyimana, founder of Somaho, the importer of our DONA coffee from the shores of Lake Kivu in Rwanda🌱

Rwanda, known as “the land of a thousand hills,” has high-altitude coffee farms producing beans with complex flavors. Compared to other coffees from its neighbors, such as Ethiopia and Kenya, Rwandan beans stand out for their mix of acidity—similar to Kenyan coffee—and the sweetness and floral/citrus notes of Ethiopian coffee. Most of the coffee from Rwanda is of the Bourbon variety, known for its high quality and distinctive flavor profile, including bright acidity, sweetness, and complex fruity and floral notes. Bourbon coffee plants thrive in the high altitudes and rich volcanic soils of Rwanda, contributing to the unique and highly regarded characteristics of Rwandan coffee. Most of the coffee in Rwanda is processed using the washed (or wet) method, which enhances the clarity and brightness of the coffee’s flavor.


Coffee alone represents 5.6% of Rwanda’s economy, according to the latest figures reported by OEC. Rwanda currently ranks 9th out of 21 among Africa’s largest coffee producers and 30th out of 51 worldwide.
In this short video (90 sec.), Vanía, talks about the importance of direct trade for coffee and tours Basel’s top specialty coffee spots. She makes a fantastic ambassador of Basel! Enjoy watching.
Elisa Dot Bach
Founder of DONA coffee